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Is Abandoning a Pet a Crime?

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Snowflake never saw it coming. She was a 3-month-old Maltese puppy, fluffy, white and adorable. She had a home, her life was just getting started, and then she broke her leg. It should have been a quick fix but her owner, Alsu Ivanchenko, didn’t see it that way. Ivanchenko grabbed Snowflake, put her in a plastic bag and tossed her from the window of her moving car leaving the pup of just under one pound with a broken leg, a broken skull from the impact after she hit the cement, and a broken heart.
Ivanchenko was convicted of felony animal abuse charges for her heartless actions against Snowflake, who was eventually found, rushed to the hospital and is now living in a truly loving home. In court, her former owner turned assailant argued she couldn’t afford to pay for the pet’s veterinary care for the broken leg so she disposed of her problem.

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Tags protection animaux abandons cruauté maltraitance

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