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For sale: Beautifull brown-white colt foal

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First of all: Thank you for this part of the forum!!

For sale: Abbytales dr. Icarus FalKa

I have al little big boy that is looking for a new home.
He is born the 12th of Juli, and is a son of Abbytales Katinka and the buckskin stallion Falcon. He is for sale for 2000 euro, excl. transport.
We expect he will grow te be a very big boy, 1.55 - 1.60 and maybe even bigger..

In short:
- Polain
- Né le 12 Juillet 2009
- Père: Falcon
- Mère: Abbytales Katinka
- prix 2000 euros d'expédition
- taille finale: 1.55 - 1.60

Falcon, 1.51m:

Abbytales Katinka , 1.55m:

Icarus, 1 week old:

A little movie, just a few hours old:

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