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Entire Collection Of Leopard Geckos + Racks + Equipment

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Hey everyone, unfortunately I have decided to sell off the Gecko Collection, The 3 Gecko Racks (PVCX with 2 Thermostats, a Herpstat 1 and 2) A long with my mealworm and Superworm Colonies. Prices are as follows:

Phantom Marble Eye - 400$
Giant Mack Snow RAPTOR - 400$
White & Yellow Bell Albino - 400$
Bandit (Pure Bandit) - 100$

Phantom 100% Marble Eye - 125$
RADAR (100% eye and 50% eye) - 225$
Tangerine Tornado - 75$
Goblin (Phantom x RAPTOR one of a kind) - 375$
Bandit (Pure Bandit) - 100$
Godzilla(Biggest Leopard Gecko to Ever Exist) GIANT Female Tremper Albino - 225$

So if you were to buy individually the Geckos are 2425$ HOWEVER! I will do The ENTIRE collection PLUS the 3 PVCX Racks (made buy Greg West of Cornels World) with the 2 thermostats (to control all three racks which include heat tape) AND the mealworm colonies ALL for 2000$ If I can't sell them all together the racks will only be available after all geckos are sold.

Two PVCX Racks, 8 Bins, IRIS, good for housing individual Adult Leopard Geckos, heat tape installed, belly heat. 300$ Each.

One PVCX Hatchling Rack, 20 Bins, IRIS, good for geckos up to 30 grams. Heat Tape installed, Back Heat. 400$


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