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ball python 2016

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Hi all,

the time has come to start posting our list of amazing little baby ball pythons. All are extremely healthy and doing great.
Most are ready to go and on F/T rat fuzzies, this will insure that the new owner has a trouble free eating little snake Smile

prices will range between 40-500$ all depending on the genetics you chose.. some are rare and hard to get with multiple genes, we have been lucky to get some really nice ones to offer.. deals on multiple purchases are possible and snakes can be reserved with a 20% deposit to insure you get the snake you want, balance may be paid in full once the snake is ready to be re-homed.
all snakes have a 100% healthy guaranty.. snakes have not all been sexed yet so the list will be posted without sexes for now ,so feel free to ask questions and request pics of a specific snake..

voici la liste de bebes 2016, ils sont pas mal tous pret a partir saufe quelque exceptions, deux trois repas de plus , mais en general, ils sont sont pret..

12 normal 40$ ea 2 sold
5 100% het albino 60$ ea
3 pastels 90$ ea
6 Mojave 100$ ea
3 phantoms 100$ ea 2 sold
2 fire 100$ ea
1 vanilla 100$ ea
2 spiders 125$ ea 1 sold
2 calico 125$ ea
5 black pastel 150$ ea 1 sold
2 calico spiders 175$ ea sold out
3 black pewters 200$ ea
3 fireflies 225$ ea 1 sold 2 males left
1 jigsaw blast? 250$ sold
1 bumblebee 250$ sold
2 silver streaks 225$ ea
4 purple passions 300$ ea sold out
5 piedball 300$ ea 3 sold 2 males remaining
2 vanilla creams 350$ ea
5 BEL bleu eye lucy 400$ ea 1 sold
1 killerbee 450$
1 calibee 450$
1 calico firefly 500$
1 calico killerbee 500$ Hold
1 super fire 500$ sold

available adults

1.0 Albino - Proven breeder - approx 1100g - $200 sold
0.1 Het. Albino - Proven Breeder - approx 2200g - $100 sold
0.1 Normal - Proven Breeder - approx 1700g - $75
1.0 Butter - approx 1200g - $125
0.1 citrus pastel super stripe - 500$ sold
1.0 phantom proven breeder - 250$
1.0 vanilla cream proven breeder 400$ never produce a normal Smile

adults sold as pairs only
1.1 pieds proven breeders -1500$
female special x male Mojave both proven -600$
female normal x firefly both proven 400$
female het red x firefly both proven 500$
female yellow belly x male citrus pastel specter both proven 900$

all snakes have been produced by us and are located in our reptile rooms.
for a quick response you can contact me at stephane.diprose(at)

for the snakes located at my partner's place , his name is Matt I will answer your questions and refer you to him directly to make it easier for specific pictures and feeding habits.

you can text me (Steph) 613-863-4158
or Matt 613-294-2077

thanks you for looking and feel free to ask any questions you may have..


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