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Cryptophis nigrescens albinos

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Un Cryptophis nigrescens albinos a été découvert, au sud de Gold Coast (Australie), et a été remis en liberté une fois observé.



Article original:

Tradies pale at albino snake find

It's extremely rare, extremely venomous and extremely pink.

An albino small-eyed snake that sought refuge in a shovel handle was an unwelcome surprise on a building site just south of the Gold Coast last week.

Construction workers in Pottsville, about 30 minutes south of the state border, watched the snake slither out from under a concrete slab into the shovel handle on Friday.

A worker loaded the shovel onto his ute tray, hoping the snake would make its way out eventually, but that was to no avail.

The three-year-old reptile stayed put until veterinarians at Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary cut open the shovel handle.

Like most brightly-coloured snakes, the small-eyed snake packs a deadly bite - its venom has killed one person before.

It was the first time veterinarian Michael Pyne had seen an albino small eyed snake in his 10 years at the sanctuary.

"They are certainly very rare," Dr Pyne said.

"They don't usually survive in the wild very well, mainly because they're not camouflaged and they're easily spotted by predators."

Despite his unusual appearance, the 50-centimetre-long reptile was the picture of health.

"His parents would have both carried a recessive gene for albinism. Otherwise he's perfectly healthy," Dr Pyne said.

Small-eyed snakes are usually a dark brown colour, but should not be mistaken for their venomous cousins - brown snakes.

"Small-eyed snakes are not as venomous as black or brown snakes, but...there is one record of someone dying from a small eyed snake bite," he said.

The pink critter will be returned to bushland near Pottsville today - far away from building activity.

"We were very grateful that we got to save this guy," Dr Pyne said.

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